Promoting Sustainability

Promoting Sustainability

Yellowstone was chosen as America’s first national park in 1872 for good reason. And today, the Yellowstone General Stores team works hard to keep this world as wild and pristine as it was centuries ago. That’s why you’ll find more than 800 eco-friendly products on our store shelves.

But that’s just the start.

Yellowstone General Stores goes the extra mile regarding product sourcing, vendor requirements and our warehouse.

When it comes to our product, we put a priority on ethically sourced apparel and headwear created from recycled bottles. Expect products made with certified, post-consumer recycled plastic along with Carbon Neutral Certified products. Look for the Give Back Products 1% for the Planet label. And you can expect our team to promote re-use and reduction of single use plastics, which negatively impact the environment.

In addition, the U.S. Green Building Council awarded Delaware North a highly acclaimed TRUE Zero Waste certificate in 2016 for its environmentally friendly operation of the Yellowstone General Stores warehouse. This was the first for a facility operating within United States national parks. To acquire the certification, Delaware North implemented a comprehensive diversion program for plastics, glass and aluminum. It included a combination of recycled goods and donations and the reuse of many materials such as packaging, among other efforts. Zero Waste certification has been earned for seven straight years with a requirement to maintain a 90 percent diversion rate. In 2022, we exceeded the requirement with percent of warehouse waste diverted.

The vendor requirements at Yellowstone General Stores are exacting, so we prioritize materials sourcing. That means practicing source reduction and promoting the use of recycled content that is renewable, organic and non-toxic. Plus, choosing raw materials from sustainable sources.

Considerable thought also goes into packaging. We prioritize “ideal” and “preferable” green options to promote sustainability. “Ideal” options include bulk-wrapped items, post-consumer content, reusable items like totes and pallets plus options in line with our Take-Back Program. “Preferable” options include paper, cardboard, compostable material, aluminum, tin and steel.

Additionally, Yellowstone General Stores carefully considers how goods are manufactured. We seek processes that maximize productivity, reduce waste and minimize environmental impacts.

With regard to transportation, we optimize logistics, utilize alternative delivery technologies such as electric vehicles and improve travel efficiency. These steps help to reduce Yellowstone General Stores’ carbon footprint.

Design for end of life is a consideration as well. Our team looks to integrate durability, reusability, recyclability or compostability. This extends the life of both products and materials, while minimizing waste.

The key takeaway? Sustainability promotes conservation, which will help to protect and preserve the natural wonders of Yellowstone for generations to come.