Committed To Locally Made Products

Committed To Locally Made Products

When you visit a place as rich and one-of-a-kind as the Yellowstone region, it’s natural to want to take a piece of that with you. At Yellowstone General Stores, it’s easy to do just that.

Yellowstone General Stores proudly supports local vendors and artists by featuring their unique products and goods. At our 11 stores throughout Yellowstone National Park and website, you’ll find an unbeatable selection of supplies, food and other essentials, plus jewelry, artwork, ceramics, leather goods and more from vendors in Wyoming, Montana, Idaho, Utah and Colorado.

The team at Yellowstone General Stores is firmly committed to regional artisans, who live in the region and understand what makes Yellowstone so special. By frequenting local markets and partnering closely with organizations like Works of Wyoming (WOW) and Made in Montana, Yellowstone General Stores offers a diverse collection of authentic products and unique souvenirs.

In total, Yellowstone General Stores carries more than 500 items that are made by more than 50 local vendors and suppliers. Among them are PDB Bear Pottery & Arts (Buffalo, Wyo.), Daphne Lorna Jewelry (Missoula, Mont.), Mountain Arts Pottery (Bozeman, Mont.), A Touch of Glass (Idaho Falls, Idaho) and Red Bison Pottery (Sheridan, Wyo.).

The products are impressive, and so is the length of our partnerships with these talented vendors. In fact, a few of our partnerships span more than a century. Founded in 1912, Wilcoxson’s Ice Cream has been a popular offering at Yellowstone General Stores for generations. Ice cream doesn’t travel well, so we don’t offer it through our website (but now you have another reason to visit Yellowstone).

The Yellowstone General Stores team is always looking to partner with additional vendors with local ties. Our Creators Collection vendor fair program — previously known as Pathways to Yellowstone — offers a way for local artists to showcase their wares for possible inclusion our stores.

The team at Yellowstone General Stores seeks to support local economies in and around Yellowstone National Park. In alignment with the mission of the National Park Service, we offer unique, locally made products that capture the spirit of Yellowstone. Through our website, you can easily order items you’d otherwise have to visit Yellowstone to find.

Yellowstone is home to a veritable treasure trove of incredible articles and creations. You can purchase authentic Yellowstone articles made by the vendors who know the area best right now.